The Mountain Biking Forum was an awesome success in getting a room full of different (and influential) people talking about MTB in Albany, but of course talk only goes so far… Sam Stevens from the City formally announced $100 000 has been allocated for a Trails Hub Strategy in Albany.
This is big news people.. this strategy will plan out the what and the where of the trails in Albany. A plan like this is gold for future funding submissions.

What can YOU do… firstly email one of the city folk, Dennis Wellington and Graham Foster would be a good start, and congratulate them on:
– their forward thinking in making Albany a cycling hub
– hosting an amazing MTB forum, the city provide the venue
– funding the trails hub strategy $50 000 from Lotteries West the rest from the City
– Having the foresight to see mountain biking as good for the community. tourism and the economy.
– encourage them to allocate funds for building the awesome and revenue producing trails that will be produced as a result of this plan.

Whether you ride the occasional trail or live for dirt you need to let the city know that you appreciate their efforts and that they are on the right track. Make a positive statement today!

Attached is a write up from the forum