At the November committee meeting the AMBC established a fund to help members succeeding at a state level to attend national races. The intent is that the club will commit an amount of money to this fund every year, with the recipient(s) to be decided at the December committee meeting.
Members are to be selected by their success at state level and positive contribution to the AMBC.
I am very happy to announce the recipients this year are Lachlan and Jessica Waldron! Both Lachie and Jess have been selected for the WA State XC Squad to compete over east next year.
Furthermore, both Lachie and Jess are active participants in the club, competing at XC rounds, helping juniors at social rounds or junior XC races, and even speaking to council to advocate for trail development in Albany!
The club will be providing $500 each to go towards their travel costs next year.
Congratulations Lachie and Jess!