With the flurry of comments from various State Government candidates for the Albany region, we have received several requests from members for a summary of the parties’ positions on Mountain Bike Trail development in the Great Southern.  Please find below (accurate to the best of our current knowledge!):

Australian Labour Party: Peter Watson (sitting member).  No dollar figure mentioned, but Mr Watson has spoken for the Albany Heritage Park.

…this is a terrific tourist infrastructure project that fits with our commitment to make Albany a great tourism destination, and if elected to government we will look favourably at it.

Liberal Party of Australia: Greg Stocks (current Deputy Mayor, City of Albany).  The Premier visited Albany and has pledged $2.3 million dollars towards MTB trail development in the Porongorups (plus additional funds for upgrading the Bald Head Walk).  Currently no mention of funding for the AHP project.

…in Tasmania their biggest growth in their tourism has been the people from all around the world wanting to do mountain bike riding.

National Party of Australia: Robbie Sutton (current City of Albany council member).  The Nationals have pledged $3.3 million to fully fund the Albany Heritage Park trail plan, which includes MTB and walking trails, and associated infrastructure.  Brendan Grylls has visited Albany for the funding announcement.

…when i saw the proposal endorsed by the Council to upgrade the walking trails and mountain bike trails it look like a very affordable proposal.

The Greens: David Rastrick.  No dollar figure mentioned, but generally supportive of the concept.

The Greens support raising mining royalties for regions via a royalty rate review, I think this is the kind of project – for the long-term good of the local community and economy – that we’d support being undertaken in the most cost effective way possible (given WA’s ~$40 billion dollar debt). We look forward to supporting the project as we can.

The State Election will be held on March 11 – remember to get out and vote!