Regos for our next DH round are now OPEN ! Click through the link below to sign up …

Please ensure you read through the revised info below, including info on volunteer incentives and late rego penalties.

Sunday 17th March 2019
Sign in desk open from 0730
Marshall briefing 0730
Practice opens at 0800
Rego desk closes 0900
Qualification starts at 1100.

This is a Club DH round, held on the Mt Clarence Downhill Track.

Entry Fees (online) are $15 for adults and $10 for juniors.  
Due to the extra work for marshals that on-the-day regos generate, this roundLate or On the Day Regos will cost $30 for adults and $20 for juniors.

Please note if you are not a MTBA member you will need to pay insurance for the day.  MTBA are still offering 2 months free membership at for first-time entrants.

Alternatively you can sign up for an annual MTBA membership – a portion of each membership fee goes to the Albany Mountain Bike Club, helping us run more events like this, and to purchase much needed equipment!

Open to anyone age 7 or over !   
There are grades to accommodate all skill levels, so this is a great chance to have a go at downhill racing !

We are running a simplified version of the MTBA DH classes:
U13 (boys and girls)
U15 (boys and girls)
U17 (boys and girls)
U19 (boys and girls)
Men’s Sport (for newer DH riders, 17+)
Women’s Sport (for newer DH riders, 17+)
Women’s Elite (17+)
Men’s Elite (17+)
Men’s Masters (40-49)
Men’s Super Masters (50+)

You can enter any class for which you are the correct age.  Type of bike is now irrelevant, single crown riders compete in the class of their choice.

Mt Clarence Downhill track.
Signup tent will be at the Apex Lookout carpark.
Parking is typically at a premium – we recommend parking at the lower Carpark and walking up Apex Drive.
The artistic installation ‘Field of Lights’ is currently running along the lower portion of Apex Drive, and on-road parking will NOT be permitted in this area.
Please be courteous when parking, and pay attention to volunteers.

The Rules

  • All Riders must sign on before practising the course.​
  • Rider must have completed one full practice run by the end of practice.
  • Only designated officials and riders wearing a helmet and displaying a valid Number Plate on the front of the bike, will be allowed onto the course during official practice sessions.
  • Number Plates to be displayed at all times, if plate is lost, you will need to acquire another for the nominal fee at registration. Your Plate must visible and legible at all times.
  • Protective equipment requirements -Australian Standard approved or equivalent Full Face Helmets are mandatory, as are long sleeve jerseys, Knee pads if wearing shorts, Gloves. Body armor is highly recommended.
  • Bike must be functional with working brakes. Handle bars must have Bar ends or Plugs.

As usual we need volunteers to run our events.  This round will require 8 track marshals. If you have some supporters coming along, want to get up-close to the racing, or just aren’t in the mood for riding this round,  please contact the race director via email prior to the day, and report to the rego desk at 0730.

As an added incentive (to just that warm fuzzy feeling for helping out !), volunteers that register prior to the day will receive One FREE Entry to a subsequent club round of their choice.