Entry cost is $5.

You must sign MTBA waiver if you are not an MTBA member.

If you would like to participate but don’t wish to ride, then you may purchase an entry and pay for a set of 4 cards @ $5ea. These will be drawn at random times during the event to make up your set. Total cost $20 + entry.


Each completed run of the trail enables you to draw a card at the finishing tent. This card will be noted against your name and then returned to the bottom of the pack.

4 runs = 4 cards.

If you don’t wish to complete 4 runs then you may buy any remaining cards for $5ea until you have 4.

The last runs are to commence by 4pm.

To get the fifth and final card, come to the social gathering at the Forts Gazebo from 4.30pm to 5pm and check in. You will draw your final card to complete your hand.

Best 5 card Poker Hand will win the $100 Bobs Bikes voucher!


This is a BLUE GRAVITY RUN with major features including substantial rock gardens, drops, small jumps, slippery surfaces, and tight turns.

If you are not familiar with the course, please roll it BEFORE riding. Sessioning sections will not be allowed.

There are no B Lines.


There are NO marshals on the course and no ambulance services so try to stay upright.

If you come across a rider down, STOP and render assistance. Try to get the nearest spectator or another rider to send for help if required. If a person is unconscious or you suspect broken bones or bleeding, DO NOT MOVE THEM. Get help as soon as you are able and ask others to flag down approaching riders to stop. Report all incidents to the finishing tent at the bottom of the trail.

Please wear appropriate safety equipment including a good quality MTB helmet, knee pads or long pants, elbow pads or long sleeves and gloves.

Spectators are welcome but there are limited areas to view the action. Please do not stand alongside the trail in narrow areas and always be aware of fast approaching riders. Heckling is always welcome!

Please keep your four legged shredders on a leash.


Event starts at 1pm and last runs are to be commenced by 4pm. Cards will not be issued after 4.10pm.

Please ride to your ability, if something worries you, get off and walk it. This is not a timed event.

There is no starter so try and seed yourself into a group of similar skilled riders.  Allow enough time between each rider for safety.

If you catch up with the rider ahead of you, slow down and either follow them to the bottom or if appropriate ask to pass them if safe to do so.  Do not “push” less confident riders ahead. That is when accidents happen!

If you do not check in at the finishing tent at the bottom of the course after each run, you will not be issued with your next card and will either have to ride again or pay for your card.

You can shuttle or ride back to the top of the trail. Please be courteous to other road users and people using the Apex Lookout.


There is plenty of car parking at the bottom car park. Please use the main (bigger) section of the car park.

If you plan to shuttle please use the bus bay at the entry to the car park or the smaller car park area on the port side of the small car park roundabout.

Watch out for riders and pedestrians!

Toilets are available at the top carpark on Mt Clarence or the Forts Precinct.


There will be a post event social gathering at the Gazebo between the Forts Store & Carlyles Function Centre from 4.30pm.  All are welcome to join us for a catch up. All prizes/winners will be drawn/ announced at this gathering.

Bring a chair and nibbles, drinks and a jacket!

The winning hand will be announced at the social gathering after the short club AGM is concluded. The winning hand will get a $100 Bob’s Bikes voucher!

There will be a Lucky Dip box at the finishing tent (where you exit the Pilot Trail). Participants may be flagged at any time and invited to “Lucky Dip”. This will be decided at random and no discussion will be entered into. All Lucky Dip prizes are not exchangeable but bring them along with you to the social event and you may be able to swap with someone else!

There will be a randomly drawn “Entry Prize” of a $50 voucher from Impulse Cycles.

Club Jerseys and Southern Peaks Merchandise will be available to purchase and EFT is available. Cash is preferred for all additional card purchases.

A Big Thanks to all our club sponsors, committee and volunteers who make these things possible!