Our Mission Statement

>Encourage all forms of Mountain Biking, for all people
>Strenuously promote the establishment of an integrated network of Mountain Bike trails
>Promote mountain biking as a healthy, inclusive activity
>Ensure that trails add value to the environment in which they are built
>Abide by the mountain biking code of conduct
>Be fiscally responsible and accountable to our members and the wider community
>Contributing to the club and community by volunteering
>Ensure participation in the club will be fun
>Provide opportunities for social activities, networking and travel
>Actively source funding to support our goals

Why Join?

>Representation in Albany to promote and build trails
>Race Licence
>Recreational and competitive riding insurance
>Securing funding for trails development
>Access to trail maintenance program to improve existing trails network
>Social Rides
>Skills Development
>Representation on WAMBA, IMBA, Westcycle and State MTB Strategy
>Club trips to events and ride destinations
>Being part of MTB network